How to set the convert range of Sanconvertor?

​When using Sanconvertor to solve the problem of pdf file format conversion, in Sanconvertor's convert file list, there is a column specifically for setting custom page convert RANGE parameters.

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What is Sanconvertor?

Sanconvertor is a free file format convert tool embedded in the Sanbrowser browser. It provides a variety of PDF file processing functions.

Sanbrowser Sanconvertor pdf convertor
How to install Sanbrowser?

Sanbrowser is a dual-core browser for Windows. Sanbrowser is faster, safer and easy to use.Switch browser kernel with one click (chromium or ie mode).

Sanbrowser installer dual-core browser faster safer
What is Sanbrowser?

Sanbrowser is a dual-core Internet browser. It uses Google’s chromium open source project. Here, thank you very much for the outstanding contribution of the Chromium open source project team.

Sanbrowser chromium browser
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