Sanbrowser download center

We provide one-click smart switching of the browser core, allowing you to access any web content for a better experience.

Sanbrowser for Windows

Version V1.0.2.30

Update 2021-07-22

From the Google Drive: Download

Sanbrowser for iMac

Version V1.0.2.8

Update 2021-06-16

From the Google Drive: Download

Product features of Sanbrowser

Simple and easy to use

The software interface design is simple, the operation is smooth, compatible with all web pages.

High quality, perfect

One-key switch dual-core, fast and high-quality web page hot translation.

Faster and safer

Whether it is work or entertainment, Sanbrowser provides you with a faster and safer network environment.

Richer and smarter

Use Sanbrowser smart tools to efficiently handle various tasks.