SanBrowser is a multi-functional Internet browser. We provide resources to access the Internet (for example: html web pages, multimedia video/audio, download applications, etc.).
At the same time, SanBrowser also provides a free online PDF converter tool. You can easily use SanBrowser to convert PDF files to Word format, convert pictures to PDF file format, PDF file compression, PDF merge, PDF split, PDF encryption, PDF decryption, etc.

The steps to install SanBrowser browser are as follows:

1.First download the installer from the SanBrowser official website.

2. Run the installer and click the “Install Now” button.

SanBrowser Installer

3. Wait for a while, the installation program prompts that the installation is complete.

4. Click the “Start Now” button to open SanBrowser and go online.

SanBrowser Installer Finish

5.The main interface of SanBrowser browser, as shown below.


6. SanBrowser icon on the Windows desktop

SanBrowser Icon

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