Sanbrowser is a dual-core browser

An easy-to-use, fast, and safer browser to meet your Internet needs for office, study and entertainment.

Perfect dual core

Support Chromium and IE kernel, one-key switch, perfect compatibility, comfortable experience.

Mute the page

Mute the tab page to avoid being disturbed by the sound played on the web page.

Feature rich

It integrates the functions required for office, study, and entertainment, which greatly meets the needs of Internet access.

Incognito mode

Browse the web in the incognito mode without leaving any Internet records, safe and clean!

Smart management tab

Supports opening hundreds of tabs, and provides smart search and free drag-and-drop sorting of tabs.


Provide collection and management of favorite websites, you can freely group, find and save commonly used websites.

Fast translation

Translate web content into the required voice with one click for free.

Office tools

Provides converter functions such as PDF reader, PDF to Word, PDF to image, etc., to meet the daily office in all aspects.


Automatic form filling makes your work efficient and enjoy a fast office experience.

Custom theme

You can customize your favorite themes (including: labels, backgrounds, fonts), so that you have a better visual experience.

Mouse gesture

A variety of mouse gestures make your browsing the web easier and faster.

Web sharing

You can generate a QR code with one click on the URL, and share it with your mobile phone or friends.

How to unlock encrypted pdf file offline for free?

The above four passwords are the most common ways to encrypt PDF files.People often need to unlock encrypted PDF files in their daily work.

How to protect/encrypt pdf file with password for free?

Therefore, people often encrypt and protect important PDF files. Set password protection for PDF files to prevent important contents of the files from being damaged, or copy, modify, print, etc. at will.

How can I convert multiple png or jpg images to a single PDF document for free and offline?

Therefore, everyone likes to convert all kinds of files into PDF file format. For example: word to pdf, text to pdf, png to pdf, jpeg to pdf, html to pdf, etc.

How to convert pdf to png images without losing quality on windows 10 offline for free?

it is one of the most common file formats in office. Therefore, people often need to convert the pdf file to lossless png images format on the Windows 10 system.